Schomberg Village Association


Athough there is an active (and very busy) volunteer organisation in place, we need more help to get things done in time for the parade. Obviously, Main Street will need to be decorated, and there is a lot of behind the scenes work to be done as well. In addition to prepratory work, there are a number of activities that need to be done on the day of the parade as well.

If you're interested, but are afraid that you won't have time for a long commitment, please be assured that we need people even if it's only for a short period of time.

Student Volunteers

We all know that you need to have Public Service Hours in order to graduate, and we're happy to be able to offer an opportunity for you to get those hours...

We need people to:

  • Help with miscellaneous setup tasks
  • Work on the parade
  • Help with the kids craft table
  • Clean up at the Community Centre
  • etc.

Download a printable PDF form here.

Or contact Jane Binions via emailor phone (905-939-7537) for more information on getting involved.