Schomberg Village Association

Welcome to the Schomberg Village Association

The Association is new, but our goals are not. We believe that Schomberg (and the area close to it) is a wonderful place in which to live, work or play.

We'll be putting on the traditional "A Main Street Christmas" celebration each December, and will be working with with other groups and associations in the Schomberg area to promote community spirit and communication; particularly with respect to physical, social, cultural environmental and historic facets of community life.

The SVA already incorporates members of the following local organisations:

  • Arts Society King
  • Dufferin Marsh Committee
  • King Chamber of Commerce
  • Schomberg Agricultural Society
  • Schomberg Horticultural Society
  • Schomberg Lions Club

Do you have ideas to make Schomberg better? If you do, please contact us.

Use these links for more information about the Association: